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Teddy Bears

Toddler Class

"What sets us apart from other centers and makes us special is we have a smaller group of children. We do age-appropriate arts and crafts as well as praise and worship." 

- Miss Kesha

Daily Activities

  • Play-Based Learning

  • Bible Time

  • Potty Training (if necessary) 

  • Art Activities

  • Sensory Play

  • Singing

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • AM & PM Snack 

  • Nap Time

  • Outside Play Time

  • Outdoor Walks Around the Neighborhood in Strollers


  • ClassDojo Phone App

  • Daily Parent/Teacher Communication Form sent home:

    • diaper changes​

    • bathroom experiences

    • food consumption 

  • Accident Reports sent home

  • Phone calls to parents if necessary

  • Face to face communication daily


We use The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum. We adjust our theme based on the upcoming holidays and seasons and on the needs/interests of our students. 



Our classroom is divided into play areas where the students are able to:

  • build with blocks

  • engage in dramatic play

  • explore different sensory objects

  • be creative with art tools

  • eat a meal

    Our classroom is large enough for independent or cooperative play, but small enough for children to feel safe and cozy. 

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