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Yogi Bears

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Daily Activities

  • Morning Circle Time

    • Prayer​

    • Songs

    • Numbers

    • Letters/Sounds

  • Hands-on Math​

    • Patterns​

    • Designs

    • Sorting

    • Counting

    • Puzzles

  • Writing Practice​

    • Name​

    • Letters

    • Numbers

  • Bible Time

  • Art Activities

  • Sensory Table

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • AM and PM Snack 

  • Nap Time

  • Outside Play Time

  • Building with Blocks

  • Writing Center

  • Play Dough 

  • Dancing and Music

  • Dress-Up

  • Science Center

  • Student Jobs

"I love Little Bear because my daughter loves Little Bear. Every week she learns something new and comes home excited to tell me what she learned and what she did that day."

- Yogi Parent 


  • The Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum

  • Jolly Phonics

  • Math Their Way

    We choose our theme based on upcoming holidays/seasons and the interests of our students.


  • ClassDojo Phone App (class messaging, personal messaging, pictures, reminders)

  • Written notes

  • Phone calls



  • Play-based classroom, divided into separate play areas where students can: 

    • build with blocks

    • engage in dramatic play

    • explore different sensory objects

    • be creative with art tools

    • spend some quiet-time reading

  • Loud and quiet areas are separate to meet each child's different needs

  • Students participate in daily "jobs"

  • Structured morning routine from

  • Free play early mornings and afternoons

  • Lots of hands-on learning opportunities

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